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Why Digital Marketing Should Be #1.Hack for Kick-starting Your Startup Story

Because this statement is an oxymoron – We are in 2016 now (almost there) and you cannot have a real business without marketing. and marketing today is “digital”. period.

If you think otherwise, you have traveled back in time in your time machine and Its time to come back to the present !!

Because with the disruptions in the marketing tech industry that happened about 3-4 yrs back – there has been a big paradigm shift in the way businesses sell. It has been found that marketing is no longer another support function, but can play a much bigger, strategic and super effective role in the overall sales process – that of providing a pipeline of piping hot leads for sales to close. In some cases even close the sale. voila !

And BTW, traditional sales is obsolete. and I seriously mean it. (The battlefield has shifted to customer success, but lets not digress here )

So why is digital marketing so important for a startup story ?

Here are the top 6 reasons why digital marketing should be the #1 growth hack for your venture… and why it should replace traditional sales.

1. Test ideas at lightning speed

Digital marketing campaigns are quick and easy to setup, and they can be switched ON – OFF with the flip of a button. You can also have more than 1 variant running in parallel at the same time. Therefore it is super quick to test new ideas.

2. Only way to scale X times

Once you have something working – it is easy to replicate it at a bigger scale because with all the data and analytic’s – you know exactly what worked, and what did not work. Very useful for scaling.

3. Reach beyond “your” reach

Internet helps you to reach people anywhere in this world. Your target market expands dramatically when you can reach people beyond the vicinity of your physical presence.

Imagine reaching out to someone… who knows someone… who knows someone you know in a matter of seconds. That is the power of social networks. Wouldn’t it be awesome to think of the potential to utilize the power of 945, 563, 859 people connected  to your “small” network of 350 contacts via these nth degree connections ?

Or even better – reaching to people whom you don’t know even existed !

4. Inbound “hot” leads versus cold calling

Imagine customers who are excited and interested with what you are offering Q-ing outside your shop. compare that with you knocking on the doors of strangers with your “cold” phone calls or emails. Which has a better chance of sales ?

Digital marketing helps you to build a pipeline of “inbound” leads that are much more easier to convert into a sale because all the heavy lifting of educating and convincing is already done before you talk to the prospect.  It is fun talking to people who are looking forward to talk with you.

5. Lower cost compared to traditional ways

Internet is much more cost effective compared to other mediums simply becauseinternet infrastructure is much much cheaper compared to physical infrastructure. And the best part – you only pay for what you use, and you can start small.

6. Build a “brand” to stay ahead

It gives a strong competitive advantage when you can differentiate yourself against competition by branding yourself, and digital marketing helps you to create and promote that brand.  Even if you are in a me-too space, it makes sense to build your brand because it is easy for someone to copy your business, but tougher to replace your brand.


Summing it all up in 2 words – digital marketing can be a very powerful sales hack for your venture for just two reasons – It helps you to TEST ideas, and it helps you to SCALE things. Pretty much everything you need for your success story ? Yes.

Do not wait – get started right now !!


 Additional Clarification – Based on the inputs i got from many of you, I would like to add the following

A. Business Model always comes first 

You need to have a solid business model built around “customer value” as a foundation before you can think of marketing. Digital marketing will not replace a bad business idea. Fortunately.

B. Does not mean forget Traditional Marketing

This is not an argument of digital vs. traditional marketing. You will need to add traditional channels, but start with digital for the reasons given above. Unless of-course your target audience is 100% offline (which is a rarity, but possible), in which case you don’t have a choice. Unfortunately.

– culled from LinkedIn Pulse

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