Many years ago, we all fantasized about quick correspondence irrespective of location. Now its 2016, and the world is fast becoming a global village. Messages can be sent in a flash, pictures and videos can be downloaded, uploaded and shared, every second, massive bytes of data are being transmitted between devices, media coverage is now wider and it is all thanks to the advent of social media. As of January 2014, 74% of online adults use social networking sites.

Presently, both small and large businesses have also cashed in on the platform social media applications provide to connect with the audience by engaging them with aesthetically appealing content to accelerate sales, acquaint potential customers with their services and boost online perception of their products. More importantly, social media helps businesses showcase their credibility, acquire and retain customers and build reputation in extremely tough market sceneraios. Over the years, we have seen businesses continually strive for their audiences’ attention with great content but there is an even better way.


Just in case you don’t know yet, Facebook Live is the new extension of Facebook and it’s about to go viral. It’s a tool for sharing real-time videos straight from your device. Think of it as your own live television channel and its pretty simple. Open the Facebook homepage, click on the “status” button at the top and choose the Live video icon. Voila! Start broadcasting your message and it will appear in your news feed. Once you are done, the video is automatically saved to your timeline and you can share it, tweet it, embed it in blog posts or delete it. Imagine that! A seamless user experience of who you are and what your business can offer. If you are seeking to increase your brand perception or improve your social media perception to boost sales, then this live streaming tool is the key and here’s why-

  1. Live streaming creates an intimate connection with your audience. Just think? What would you remember more? Seeing a nice graphic ad or watching a video that lets you become part of the conversation? Statistics show that videos always leave a lasting impression on viewers. You can introduce your business, what you do and the type of services you offer or you can show a brief tour of your workstations or do some awesome product demos or creep in on some unsuspecting staff at work, you are only limited by your imagination. The result is unimaginable, this is captivating, viewers are more engaged and this strengthens the connection between your audience and your brand beyond traditional marketing limitations.
  1. Live streaming for broadcasting live events. Facebook Live saves you the expense of setting up your own broadcasting facilities because you can stream events, seminars or meetings from your device. Also, Live takes care of the need to redirect people to where they can find your videos because all your broadcasts appear in the news feed. Also, Facebook’s new algorithm ensures that Live broadcasts stay on top of viewers’ feeds, trust me, you want your video to be the first thing your followers see, not buried somewhere below their feeds and that’s more potential customer’s for your business.
  1. Live streaming improves your brand’s perception and gives your business more credibility. It allows you to introduce your company personally to your audience and helps them relate with your brand. Facebook Live is also very interactive, anyone tuned into your broadcast can type a message that will appear on your screen. This provides an impressive channel for question and answer sessions and what better way to reinforce belief in your products or the services you offer, than to display your expertise by providing relevant answers to their questions on the fly?
  1. Its time conservative. Consider this. If you create any type of content for social media, the time it takes to live stream is negligible in comparison to anything else. How much time will it take to shoot a how-to for a new product or answer a question? Maybe 2 minutes max? That’s a lot less time than what it takes to write a blog post on the topic, create a graphic or even tweet about it. As today’s attention span gets shorter and shorter, live videos give your audience a way to interact without investing so much time and a ton of energy.

With Facebook Live, there’s a big chance to engage your audience in a whole new way and share memorable moments in a matter of seconds. The results are unimaginable, the world is literally your stage, so what are you waiting for? Take your business to a whole new level with Facebook Live.