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First, A Little History…

Little was known about the Grappleline Gang. It’s been said that they walked the earth during the old times, searching for long-lost clues on human existence. They riddled themselves with open-ended but really important questions like “why exactly do people do what they do?”… and “what if things were done in a better and faster way?”

Those questions kept them awake at night… And trust me, they didn’t like staying up at night (nobody did, because coffee hadn’t been discovered yet).

So, they just had to find answers.

And, well, answers they did find.

They also looked into the future, trying to make intelligent guesses on the things that would shape the world as we know it – they spoke about everything ranging from technology to collaboration; open standards to social spaces; from frugal innovation to mobility…

It was quite a brainstorm session. Oh, yes it was.

Finally, wrapping all their findings in a huge scroll, they stuffed it in a transparent glass bottle, sailed off the shore and tossed it into the farthest depths of the sea, where no one would ever find it…

Or so they thought… Until it washed off a Lagos shore a few years ago.

The scrolls were still intact, but they were written in binary. And with a terrible handwriting.

Little was known about the Grappleline Gang, except that they were passionate about changing the world. And one of them had a terrible handwriting.

And nothing about that has changed.

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